ACO Public Report

This section describes CarolinaACO’s Quality Performance Reports as per the Shared Savings Program regulations. Please click on the links to see the specifics by year:

  • 2014
  • 2015 :TBD
  • 2016 :TBD
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ACO Primary Contact :

Amit Shah MD
1501 Funny Cide Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173
TEL: 704-763-5117

Identification of ACO Participants in Joint Ventures between ACO Professionals and Hospitals: None

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership Personnel:

  • Amit Shah, MD
  • Mehul Patel, MD
  • Dhruv Vyas, MD

Identification of the Types of ACO Participants or Combinations of Participants that Formed the ACO:

  •   ACO professionals in a group practice arrangement
  •   A network of individual practices of ACO professionals
  •   Partnership or joint venture arrangements between hospitals and ACO professionals
  •   A hospital employing ACO professionals
  •   A critical access hospital (CAH) billing under Method II
  •   A federally qualified health center (FQHC)
  •   A rural health center (RHC), and/or
  •   An Electing Teaching Amendment (ETA) hospital.

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses and How Shared Savings are Distributed:

  • 2014 – No share of savings
  • 2015 TBD – 50% providers, 50% reinvest/management
  • 2016 TBD – 50% providers, 50% reinvest/management

2014 Quality Performance Reports

Element Name Measure Description 2014 Reporting Period
ACO Doing Business AS (DBA) or Legal Business Name Carolinas ACO, LLC
ACO-1 Getting Timely Care, Appointment and Information 80.08
ACO-2 How Well Your Doctors Communicate 87.85
ACO-3 Patient's Rating Of Doctor 88.96
ACO-4 Access To Specialist 86.66
ACO-5 Health Protection And Education 59.05
ACO-6 Shared Decision Making 72.36
ACO-7 Health Status / Functional Status 67.38
ACO-8 Risk Standardized, All Conditions Readmissions 15.59
ACO-9 ASC Admissions: COPD Or Ashtma In Older Adults 0.92
ACO-10 ASC Admissions: HF 1.27
ACO-11 Percent Of Primary Care Providers Who Successfully Attested For The EHR Incentive Program Incentive Payment 83.33
ACO-12 Medication Reconciliation
ACO-13 Falls: Screening For Falls Test 3.9
ACO-14 Influenza Immunization 55.19
ACO-15 Pnemococcal Vaccination 25.16
ACO-16 Adult Weight Scoring and Follow-Up 12.18
ACO-17 Tobacco Use Assessment and Cessation Intervention 100
ACO-18 Depression Screening 0
ACO-19 Colorectal Cancer Screening 6.49
ACO-20 Mammography Screening 58.28
ACO-21 Proportion of Adults Who Had Blood Pressure Screened In Past 2 Years 1.95
DM COMPOSITE Beneficiaries With Diabetes Who Met All The Following Criteria 0
ACO-22 Hemoglobin A1C Control (HbA1C) (<8 Percent) 0
ACO-23 Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) (<100 mg/dL) 0
ACO-24 Blood Pressure (BP) < 140/90 0
ACO-25 Tobacco Non-Use 6.17
ACO-26 Asprin Use 0
ACO-27 Percent Of Beneficiaries With Diabetes Whose HbA1C In Poor Control (>9 percent) 100
ACO-28 Percent Of Beneficiaries With Hypertension Whose BP < 140/90 0
ACO-29 Percent Of Beneficiaries With IVD with Complete Lipid Profile and LDL Control < 100 mg/dl 0
ACO-30 Percent Of Beneficiaries With Asprin Or Other Antithrombotic 0
ACO-31 Beta-Blocker Therapy For LVSD
CAD COMPOSITE Percent Of Beneficiaries With CAD Who Met All The Following Criteria 0.16
ACO-32 Drug Therapy For Lowering LDL-Cholesterol 1.62
ACO-33 (ACE) Inhibitor Or (ARB) Therapy For Patients With CAD and Diabetes And/Or (LVSD) 0

Organization Chart