Presenting Carolinas ACO

Carolina ACO is proud to be one of the first 343 ACOs accepted by Medicare to participate in the Shared Savings Program that shares Medicare savings with providers who improve the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing medicare expenditures for the same population. Our goal is to provide improved patient care and health outcomes to the Medicare Fee-For-Services beneficiaries in carolinas

Composition of ACO :

Joint venture arrangement amongst primary care providers
ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel
Amit Shah, MD(CEO)

Committees :

ACO Quality and performance committee
Amit Shah, MD Dhruv Vyas, MD Mehul Patel, MD

Membership committee :

MD Sandip Greval, MD Dhruv Vyas, MD Nimish Patel, MD

Compliance Committee :

Dhruv Vyas, MD, (Chair)
Amit Shah, MD,

Medical Directors :

Amit Shah, MD, South Carolina
Dhruv Vyas, MD, Greensboro, Southern Virginia area

Our Governing Body

Amit Shah, MD
ACO Participant Representative
Palmetto Medical Group, PLLC

Dhruv Vyas, MD
ACO Participant Representative
Eden Internal Medicine, PLLC

Bansi Shah
Voting Member
Medicare Beneficiary Representative

Nimish Patel, MD
Voting Member
ACO Participant Representative
Palmetto Medical Group, PLLC

Shephali Patel, MD
Voting Member
ACO Participant Representative
Palmetto Medical Group, PLLC

Mehul Patel
Voting Member
Other-Management Company, ACO Partners LLC

Minesh Shah
Voting Member
ACO Participant Representative
Chatham Family Medical Center, Inc.

Our team of experts

  • A group of skilled physicians committed to providing high quality care at reasonable and affordable costs across western counties incarolinas
  • Partners of CMS in contributing and collaborating preventive health care and wellness of the communities we serve
  • Professionals with a combined 600 plus years of Experience in Primary Care

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Performance Year 1: TBD
  • Performance Year 2: TBD
  • Performance Year 3: TBD

How Shared Savings Are Distributed

proposed: TBD by Governing body

  • Reinvest in Infrastructure: 10%
  • Distribution to ACO Participants: 90%